Still ain't satisfied

Year Published:  1983
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX2692

In 1972, the Women's Press published its first book, Women Unite!. It was anthology of writings on the issues, debates, demands, and strategies of the developing Canadian women's liberation movement. In celebration of its tenth anniversary, and of the survival and strength of the women's movement, Women's Press has published STILL AIN'T SATISFIED! It is an anthology of twenty-seven articles; all but three were written specially for this collection. Authors were asked "to focus on major areas on women's activity and participation, topinpoint the current priorities and characteristics of the movement and also to provide a background for determining aims and strategies for the future". The book is intended to a resource for both activities and those new to feminism.

The book is divided into three sections. "Out of the bedrooms" contains articles on abortion, wife bettering, rape, pornography and sexuality. "into the Workplace" covers day care end the variety of ways womens are organizing in the labour movement - in independent feminism union, in the CLC and in the CCU. Also covered are the issues of sexual harrassment, health hazards in the workplace, and the efforts of womens in trades. The third section, "Onto the Streets", focuses on women organizing and movilization, with articles on Immigrant women, Native women, publishing, education and the arts.

The women's movement in Canada does not have a singular voice, nor an ideological line to which all activities adhere. STILL AIN'T SATISFIED! reflects the existing diversity in analyses and strategies in its documentation of "The development of women over the decade towards increasing visibility and collective strength".

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