Critical Theory

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Adorno, Theodor W.: Connexipedia Article
German-born international intellectual, sociologist, philosopher, musicologist, and composer. (1903-1969).
Benjamin, Walter: Connexipedia Article
German-Jewish Marxist, literary critic, essayist, translator, and philosopher. (1892-1940).
Critical Theory
Horkheimer, Max
Essays by the founder of the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt.
The Critique of Practical Reason
Kant, Immanuel
The Critique of Pure Reason
Kant, Immanuel
According to Kant, "The first step in regard to the subjects of pure reason, and which marks the infancy of that faculty, is dogmatic. The second, which we have just mentioned, is sceptical, and it gi...
Culture of Complaint: The Fraying of America
Hughes, Robert
Propaganda-talk, euphemism, and evasion are so much a part of American usage today that they cross all party lines and ideological divides. The art of not answering the question, of cloaking unpleasan...
The Enlightenment: Connexipedia Article
A term used to describe a time in Western philosophy and cultural life, centered upon the eighteenth century.
Frankfurt School: Connexipedia Article
A school of neo-Marxist critical theory, social research, and philosophy associated with the original Institute for Social Research of the University of Frankfurt am Main.
The Frankfurt School and "Critical Theory"
Index to the biographies and writings of members of the 'Frankfurt School,' or Institute for Social Research, set up by a group of Marxist intellectuals in Germany in 1923.
Horkheimer, Max: Connexipedia Article
German philosopher and sociologist and member of the Frankfurt School. (1885-1973).
Marcuse, Herbert: Connexipedia Article
Marxist philosopher, political theorist and sociologist. (1898-1979).
Marx and Engels Collected Works Volume 4: Marx and Engels 1844 - 1845
Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich
Includes The Holy Family, or Critique of Critical Criticism, and The Condition of the Working-Class in England.
Marx, Freud, and the Critique of Everyday Life: Toward a Permanent Revolution
Brown, Bruce
The theory and practice of revolutionary social transformation, Brown argues, must encompass the subjective, psychological dimensions of the revolutionary process.
Marx Myths & Legends
A critical reading of the work of Karl Marx now requires us to lay to one side the myths and legends which have obscured his ideas over the past one hundred and twenty years- distortions and misinterp...
Marx, theoretician of anarchism
Rubel, Maximilien
Under the name communism, Marx developed a theory of anarchism; and further, in fact it was he who was the first to provide a rational basis for the anarchist utopia and to put forward a project for a...
Walter Benjamin: Or, Towards a Revolutionary Criticism
Eagleton, Terry
Eagleton's goal here is to to contemplate Benjamin's approach to language, history, and art and to chart a dynamic new course for contemporary socialist criticism.