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The Canadian Green Consumer Guide: How You Can Help
A guide to responsible shopping that won't cost the earth.
Filipino Maids for Export: 'Always be Punctual and Don't Count the Work You are Doing'
Brygo, Julien
Twelve percent of the Philippines’ GDP comes as remittances from nationals abroad. Many of those are maids, sent all over the world into domestic service to support their children back home. The Phili...
Monographs on the Portuguese
A collection of analytical essays on the Portugese immigrant community in Toronto.
'We are not from another planet': Justice 4 Cleaners campaign and the struggle for recognition
Ojeda, Luis Armando; Munoz, Patricia; Bhandar, Brenna; Matias, Ezequiel; Zalacain, Kramer
The ongoing struggle of the SOAS Cleaners for acceptable working conditions and equality in the workplace.

From the Connexions Archives

Cleaners' Action Newsletter
Periodical profile published 1979
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cleaner's Action is a monthly newspaper published in Portuguese, English and Spanish.