Monographs on the Portuguese

Publisher:  Project for the Investigation of the Exploitation of Women (P.I.S.E.M.), Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1975
Pages:  66pp   Price:  $6.60   Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX35

A collection of analytical essays on the Portugese immigrant community in Toronto.

A series of essays on the Portuguese immigrant community in Toronto. Designed to move the discussion from a descriptive ("the Portuguese are making it in Toronto") basis to an analytical one. Xeroxed copies of the following are available at 10 cents per page.

Luis Carlos de Freitas. "A Contribution to an Understanding of the Situation of the Portuguese Parents who have children attending the Kensington Community School." 21 pp. September, 1974. An examination of the background of the educational expectations of some parents, where this comes into conflict with the image the school has of itself, suggestions for a strategy for dialogue.

John Medeiros. "Toronto Portuguese Community Development and Organization: Past and Present." 27 pp. July, 1975. Examination of an in-depth questionnaire administered to thirty Portuguese men. Description of their first years in Canada, their settlement in Toronto.

John Medeiros and Sidney Pratt. "Portuguese Immigrants and the Myth of Success." 9 pp. January 1975. Examination of Networks of Contact: the Portuguese and Toronto, by Grace M. Anderson. Consideration of the conclusions from Anderson's sociological study of 205 Portuguese men in 1970. Criticism of Anderson's ideological bias, generalizations, interpretation of the data.

Sidney Pratt. "Lessons from the Cleaners." October 1975. 9 pp. Examination of the sources of militancy among 97 Portuguese cleaning women in their fight to form a union and keep their jobs.

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