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Christians in the Crisis
Describes the urgent need for Christians to respond to the socio-economic and political crises of our time.
1992: A White Christian Perspective
Starkloff, Carl
I would hope that we can enter into a very sober 1992 event, so that native Christians might be able to retrieve those symbols that will give them new strength. I would hope that God is acting now as ...
Peace is Possible
Bouchard, Mary Alban
Prepared evidence for the case of the Committee for Justice and Liberty: before the National Energy Board's hearings on the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline
Various materials to be presented to the NEB's hearings opposing further pipeline development.
Primer on a Society to Be Transformed
This audiovisual is an educational tool to be used in conjunction with the primer on social justice prepared by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.
A Primer on Social Justice
The 1977 annual statement of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Prison Journals of a Priest revolutionary
Berrigan, Philip
A collection of interviews, meditations and reflections on the current American prison system from the perspectives of past and current inmates. Berrigan, a political prisoner in Connecticut, shares t...
Social Gospel: Connexipedia: Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia
The Social Gospel was an attempt to apply Christianity to the collective ills of an industrializing society, and was a major force in Canadian religious, social and political life from the 1890s throu...
Social Gospel: Wikipedia article
The Social Gospel movement is a Protestant Christian intellectual movement that was most prominent in the early 20th century United States and Canada. The movement applied Christian ethics to social p...
The Social Passion: Religion and Social Reform in Canada 1914-28
Allen, Richard
An account of the movement within Canadian protestantism which sought to revive the neglected social dimensions of Christianity and to involve the church in social action.

Sources Library

Joel Osteen: the new face of Christianity
Through the eye of the needle
Kalder, Daniel
A profile of the most succesful pastor in America, Joel Osteen, one of those who preach 'the prosperity gospel'.

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Prairie Messenger Catholic Weekly
Periodical profile published 1982
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