Peace is Possible

Bouchard, Mary Alban
Publisher:  Novalis, Ottawa, Canada
Year Published:  1985  
Pages:  224pp   ISBN:  2-89088-254-3
Dewey:  261.873
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3242

Abstract:  PEACE IS POSSIBLE looks at what peace means, what the international peace movement does, how individuals can begin to examine the issue from a Christian perspective, and how they can make a difference by taking action.
This paperback book is written for the general public and approaches peace activities as a real problem each individual must become aware of, reflect on, and make a commitment to.
Issues discussed are: how our perceptions of Russians as enemies are conditioned; challenging the "just war" tradition; individual conscience and collective responsibility; women's role as peacemakers; educating children; and Canada's involvement in the arms race.
Issues are examined first in relation to the facts, then in relation to Roman Catholic teaching, and finally in relation to what individuals can do to respond. Many suggestions for discussion and action, as well as resource materials, are included.
The author's conclusion is that through empowering education, Christian reflection, and conscientious action, "peace is possible."

Subject Headings

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