Student Protest
The Student Radical in Search of issues....or, please don't shoot the Piano Player

McGuigan, Gerald F.
Publisher:  Methuen, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1968
Pages:  285pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9298


Table of Contents


Introduction: Map-Reading Made Confusing
George Payerle

In Search of Issues
Gerald F. McGuigan

A Student Manifesto: In Search of a Real and Human Educational Alternative
David Zirnhelt

Getting to Rochdale
Dennis Lee

From the Midst of a Crisis: Student Power in English Speaking Canada
James Harding

The Revolutionary Process: Statement of the New Left Committee - October 1967
Student Union for Peace Action

The Quebec Student Movement. Radicalism, Syndicalism, Reformism, Revolution, Realism, or What?
Daniel La Touche

Necessity for Change
Hardial Bains

Why Students Protest: A Psychiatrist's View
Seymour L. Halleck

On Resistance
Noam Chomsky

Wasteland Culture
C. George Benello

Religion During a Time of Dehumanization
Paul Goodman

The Pragmatic Pursuit of Happiness, or Anatomy of Establishment
Neil Kelly



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