A History of Canadian Wealth

Myers, Gustavus

Publisher:  James Lewis & Samuel, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1972   First Published:  1914
Pages:  354pp   ISBN:  0-88862-016-0
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9204

Myers lays bare the corruption, swindling, land deals, and bribery that are at the basis of Canadian history. This is Canada's past seen through the eyes of a muckraker.


Table of Contents

Writings by Gustavus Myers
Introduction by Stanley Ryerson
Preface to 1914 Edition
1. The Quest of Trade and New Sources of Wealth
2. The Ecclesiastical and Feudal Lords.
3. The Hudson's Bay Company
4. Wars of the Fur Traders and Companies
5. The Landed and Mercantile Oligarchy
6. The Landed Proprietors
7. Revolt against Feudalism
8. Sovereignty of the Hudson's Bay Company
9. Passing of the Hudson's Bay Company's Sovereignty
10. Inception of the Railroad Power
11. First Period of Railway Promoters
12. Contest for the Pacific Railway
13. Era of Railway Magnets
14. Progress of theRailway Lords
15. Extension of Railway Possessions
16. Appropriation of Coal, Timber and Other Lands
17. Distribution of Railway Subsidies

Subject Headings

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