The Right to Food First

Publisher:  Ten Days for World Development, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1978
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX842

A look at the structures that support world food trade and prevent even distribution of food worldwide.

This tabloid is designed for general distribution to church congregations, study groups, community groups in conjunction with the Inter-Church Ten Days program. 1978 is the third year of a Focus on Food and the tabloid reviews the insights of the first two years. In the first year of the study on food, Frances Moore Lappe and Joseph Collins helped many Canadians understand a variety of food myths and especially come to appreciate that there is presently enough food production in the world to feed every human now living at the average standard of a North American. The problem, they concluded, lies in socio-economic structures. In the second year (1977), Susan George helped Ten Days audiences understand better the way in which the international food structures had been planned, long-range, to provide the transnational companies with the best profits. During 1977 it also became clear to many, that Canada's food production patterns more and more resemble those of developing countries.
After reviewing the work of 1976-77, the tabloid points to power as a central focus for the resolution of an inadequate world food system. Those who take seriously the call to work transforming unjust structures need to learn how to deal realistically with the power and with the world as it is. A variety of suggestions, examples and resources are offered to the reader.

Subject Headings

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