Another World is Possible
Globalization and Anti-capitalism

McNally, David
Publisher:  Arbeiter Ring Publishing, Winnipeg, Canada
Year Published:  2006   First Published:  2002
Pages:  408pp   ISBN:  1-894037-17-0
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8379

A call-to-arms for progressive activists. McNally argues that capitalism is synonymous with imperialism and fundamentally incompatible with democracy.

Abstract:  A polemic call-to-arms for all progressive activists. McNally decries all the abuses commonly associated with capitalism: trade inequity, slavery and labour exploitation, racial and gender oppression, environmental degradation, etc. The book argues that capitalism is synonymous with imperialism thus fundamentally incompatible with democracy. It is divided into seven chapters, each of which discusses a particular type of abuse arising from globalization. For example, in one chapter, he lists various military conflicts motivated by imperialist interests in the 20th century, including the war in Iraq as the recent example.

McNally also debunks myths about Neoliberalism benefitting all those who participate in it. He argues capitalism slants favourably towards the US and other wealthy nations, citing the economic apparati of these countries (NAFTA, IMF, World Bank, etc). He boldly claims that since their inceptions, not one of these international trade agreements has made a single contribution to civil or human rights, and in practice, punishes and exploits less-developed nations.

Rather than offering an alternative model with which to supplant globalized capitalism, the book offers a well-researched and wide-ranging critique of the current system. However, McNally argues that unions and NGOs have historically been the most effective in countering capitalist abuses, and should continue to undermine the system by fighting against its abuses. In doing so, they must maintain authority via moral high ground and commitment to anti-oppression techniques. The book concludes with a list of guiding principles for activist organizations to follow while trying to effect change. His mandate for grassroots organizations is summed up aptly: "Real democracy comes from below or not at all". He also warns progressives to avoid letting their politics become co-opted into the capitalist system as fashion and slogans.

The book makes a solid reference guide to flaws in the current system, and is a must-read for young radicals. Bibliography and index are included.

[Abstract by Sieglind Gatewood]

Table of Contents

1. From the Mountains of Chiapas to the Streets of Seattle: This is What Democracy Looks Like
2. Globalization: It's Not About Free Trade
3. The Invisible Hand Is a Closed Fist: Inequality, Alienation, and the Capitalist Market Economy
4. The Colour of Money: Race, Gender, and the Many Oppressions of Global Capital
5. The Marines Have Landed: War and Imperialism in the Age of Globalization
6. Democracy Against Capitalism: The Revolt of the Dispossessed
7. Freedom Song: Liberation and Anti-Capitalism
8. Conclusion: A Life Worth Living

Subject Headings

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