Studies in Socialist Pedagogy

Norton Theodore Mills; Ollmann, Bertell (eds.)
Publisher:  Monthly Review Press
Year Published:  1978
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8182

The editors start with the first two myths of the Socialist/Marxist /Radical teacher: they are either dogmatic, doctrinaire, intolerant of opposing views or wooly headed anarchists opposed to educational standards and intellectual rigour and fearful of exerting their authority within the classroom. This books provides the contributors (all socialist teachers) with the opportunity to discuss issues of pedagogy and content in institutions not oriented toward socialist objectives. Within these essays there is a wide variety of views some highly critical of others. Some of the issues discussed are : whether radicals should develop their own special courses or introduce a socialist perspective within a conventional framework; how to calm the fears of students faced with an avowed Marxist teacher (will my marks be affected if I don't agree with him etc.); the proper way to teach-how to find a balance between necessary structure and leadership but not use authoritarian teaching patterns on the other hand. Finally, throughout the book there are a number of suggestions on how to generate lively classroom discussions.

Subject Headings

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