Violence Today
Actually Existing Barbarism

Panich, Leo; Leys, Colin (eds.)
Publisher:  Fernwood Publishing
Year Published:  2008
Pages:  300pp   ISBN:  9781552662830
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8100

Looks at violence in many contexts: violence by men against women, violence by the state in inner cities, prisons, politically motivated violence and terror and the superabundance of weapons. Reflection is given to the sources of imperialism and globalized capitalism. The opening essay offers an overview of the scale and variety of contemporary violence while also taking up once again the question of socialism versus barbarism. Other essays analyze the nature and roots of paradigmatic cases and types of violence today around the world. Several essays deal from various different standpoints, with the still important question of whether violence has any place in socialist strategy in the context of today's actually-existing barbarism.

Subject Headings

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