The Invention of the White Race
Volume One: Racial Oppression and Social Control

Allen, Theodore W
Publisher:  Verso London and New York
Year Published:  1994
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8074

One of the great contributions of Allen's study is a complete debunking of the myth that race and skin colour are the same thing.

In Allen's first of two books on racism in the United States, Allen discredits the notion that race is the same thing as skin colour. He believes that racial oppression is a function of society. Oppression is the result of class struggle. Racial oppression cannot be ascribed to natural or "pre-American" prejudices. The onerous conditions imposed on blacks and indentured whites by plantation owners gave rise to Bacon's rebellion. The resulting solidarity of European whites and African black workers terrified the owners. A buffer zone of poor whites was needed. They gained status by virtue of their skin colour- eventually giving rise to the control stratum "middle class". Thus the invention of the white race was achieved.

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