Raids and Reconstructions
Essays on Politics, Crime, and Culture

Enzensberger, Hans Magnus
Publisher:  Pluto Press, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1976
Pages:  312pp   ISBN:  0-904383-16-4
  Dewey:  320.532
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7602

A collection of essays on culture and poltics.

In this collection of nine essays spanning ten years of his writing career, Enzensberger; a post-war writer, essayist, polemicist and poet who lives in Berlin deals with several crucial issues of our time. In Dreamers of the Absolute he attempts to explain the rise of terrorism. Next, he critiques the state dictatorship of the right and the authoritarianism of the left in power in both Rafael Trjillo: Portrait of a Father of the People and the Portrait of a Party, which discusses the Cuban communist party. In contrast, Industrialization of the Mind and Towards a Theory of Treason discusses mental strait jacketing and revolt. Furthermore, Constituents of a Theory of the Media, A Critique of Political Ecology and Tourists of the Revolution focus on the character of official propaganda, the debate on ecology and the political left's shortcomings respectively.

[Abstract by Amanpreet Dhami]

Table of Contents

The Industrialization of the Mind (1962)
Constituents of a Theory of the Media (1970)
Towards a Theory of Treason (1964)
Reflections Before a Glass Cage (1964)
Rafael Trujillo: Portrait of a Father of the People (1963)
Dreamers of the Absolute
Part I: Pamphlets and Bombs (1964)
Part II: The Beautiful Souls of the Terror (1964)
Portrait of a Party: Prehistory, Structure and Ideology of the Partido Comunista de Cuba (1969)
Tourists of the Revolution (1973)
A critique of Political Ecology (1973)

Subject Headings

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