The New Refugees
American Voices in Canada

Christy, Jim
Publisher:  Peter Martin Associates Limited, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1972
Pages:  151pp   ISBN:  0-88778-057-1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7536

Stories of 18 "new refugees" who came in Canada to escape the U.S. war against Vietnam.


Table of Contents

1. Richard Lemm
2. Matthew Clark
3. Doug Fetherling
4. Tom Waltrip
5. Mark Trent
6. Robert Frobisch
7. Frank Antonelli
8. Jerry Samuels
9. Kurt Gutknecht
10. Lionel Brown
11. Joe Nickell
12. John Sandman
13. Rick Bebout
14. Roger Costain
15. Dee Knight
16. Charles L. Campbell
17. Jim Christy

Jim Christy's The New Refugees: American Voices in Canada (Peter Martin Associates, $7.95) is a collection of short essays by Americans exiled in Canada. Predictably, it is quite uneven in quality. The best pieces are
those describing experiences in America itself: the Army, the family scene back home. The contribution by Mark Trent is especially good. The worst are generally those giving impressions of Canada - these combine gee-whiz travelogue with naive political assessments. That sort of stuff may have anthropological interest, but not much else to recommend it. Also disappointing are most of the interviews. These seem to be unedited, an approach popular among lazy journalists, but really indefensible.

Still, it's an interesting book to read through. It's not rich in literary gems, but there is the odd prize to stumble across. And that makes the book a worthwhile experience - though maybe not worth $7.95 to get.

Subject Headings

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