Local Places In the Age of the Global City

Keil, Roger, Wekerle, Gerda R., Bell, David V.J. (eds.)
Publisher:  Black Rose Books, Montreal, Canada
Year Published:  1996
Pages:  272pp   Price:  $19.99   ISBN:  1-551640-46-5
Library of Congress Number:  HT155.L63 1995   Dewey:  307.1'216
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7499

The contributors to Local Places look at the complex social, economic and political contexts of cities in the 1990s and suggest that cities and urbanity, while part of the problem, also need to be considered as part of the solution.


Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors

Editors Foreword

Introduction: Greasy Jungle Metropolis Noir
Roger Keil

Cities, Citizenship and Nature in the Age of the Global City

Post-Fordist Citizenship: Struggling to be Born
Jane Jenson

Global City-Regions and Citizenship
Engin F. Isin

Globalization and Urban Restructuring

World City Formation, Local Politics, and Sustainability
Roger Keil

Globalism, Urbanism and Critical Politics in the World City
Graham Todd

"Hamburg Goes Red-Grey"
Patricia Peterson

Reconstructing South Africa's Cities
Robin Bloch

Sustainability in Third Cities
Urban Farming and City Planning: The Case of Kampala, Uganda
Prabha Khosla

Sustainability or Unsustainability: The Case of Marginal Urban
Settlements in the City of Cali, Colombia
Eduardo Garay

Managing Sustainable Growth in Third World Cities
Rene Parenteau


The North American Failure: The Governance of Regional Cities
Gardner Church

An Ecopolitics for Urban Sustainability
Franz Hartmann

Whose Sustainability? Ecology, Hegemonic Politics and the Future of the City
Stefan Kipfer

The Shaky Ground of Urban Sustainability: A Comment on Ecopolitics and Uncertainty
Catriona Sandilands

Social Movements

Coding Tricksters and Theory-Making: Storying Social Movements
Chris Cavanagh

Reframing Urban Sustainability: Women's Movement Organizing and the Local State
Gerda R. Wekerle

From Social Bases to Subjectivities: The Case of Red Thread, Guyana
Linda Joyce Peake

Local Places-Global Action: Third World Urban NGOs Concerns and Program for Change
Diana Lee-Smith

Social Welfare in the Local State

From the Politics of Homelessness to the Politics of the Homeless
Susan Ruddick

The Poverty Agenda
John Clarke

Issues of Social Equity and Access: The Case of Services of Abused Women
Barbara Loevinger Rahder

Ontario Welfare Reforms: A Workfare Approach
Carlo Venczel-Rhody

Urban Form

Cities and Natural Process: Regional View
Michael Hough

Don Watershed Task Force
Mark J. Wilson

GreenBelt Frankfurt
Sabine Husung and Peter G. Lieser

The Link between Politics, Policies and Healthy City Form
Edmund P. Fowler

Sustainable Trade?

Trade Liberalization, the Natural Environment and Cities
Patricia E. Perkins

Free Trade Offers "Free Space" for Connecting across Borders
Deborah Barndt

After Midas' Feast: Sustainable Alternatives to the Global Food Regime for the Future
Harriet Friedmann


Subject Headings

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