Woman's Estate

Mitchell, Juliet
Publisher:  Penguin, Harmondsworth
Year Published:  1976   First Published:  1966
Pages:  182pp  
Dewey:  155.633
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6641

Juliet Mitchell defines the specific areas of women's oppression and describes current attempts to break the pattern of repression imposed on all women.


Table of Contents


Part I: The Women's Liberation Movement
1. The Background of the Sixties
2. The Women's Liberation Movement
3. The Politics of Women's Liberation: 1
4. The Politics of Women's Liberation: 2

Part II: The Oppression of Women
5. The Position of Women: 1
6. The Position of Women: 2
7. The Position of Women: 3
8. The Ideology of the Family
9. Psychoanalysis and the Family
10. Out from Under …

Subject Headings

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