The New Student Left
An Anthology

Cohen, Mitchell; Hale, Dennis
Publisher:  Beacon Press, Boston, USA
Year Published:  1967   First Published:  1966
Pages:  340pp   Price:  @2.95   ISBN:  0-8070-0585-1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6455

A collection of essays by active participants in the 1960s student movement on American college campuses.


Table of Contents

Foreword by Carey McWilliams

Preface to the Paperback Edition

Introduction by the Editors

1. Agenda for a Generation

A Letter to the New (Young) Left
by Thomas Hayden
From the Port Huron Statement
The Intellectual and Social Change
by Paul Potter
The Student and Religious Commitment
by Philip Altbach
Politics as Art: The Civic Vision
by Christopher N. Reinier
From Protest to Radicalism: An Appraisal of the Student Struggle 1960
by Robert A. Haber

2. Race and Poverty in American Politics

The Quiet War
by Bruce Payne
Spiritual and Moral Aspects of the Student Nonviolent Struggle in the South
by Charles McDew
The Political Significance of the Freedom Rides
by Thomas Kahn
SNCC in Action: Dignity for the Enslaved and for Us All
by Thomas Hayden
SNCC: An Overview Two Years Later
by Bruce Payne
The Vine City Project Paper on "Whites in the Movement"
What We Want
by Stokely Carmichael
Only Connect: Reflections on the Revolution
by Jonathan Eisen
The Battlefields and the War
by Todd Gitlin
Organizing the Unemployed: The Chicago Project
by Richard Flacks
Can the Poor Be Organized?
by Kimberly Moody
The War on Poverty: Notes on Insurgent Response
by Rennie Davis
An Interracial Movement of the Poor?
by Carl Wittman and Thomas Hayden

3. The Campus Revolt

From the Port Huron Statement
The College Commodity
by Roger Siegel
Theodicy of 1984: The Philosophy of Clark Kerr
by Bruce Payne, David Walls, and Jerry Berman
The Student Riots at Berkeley: Dissent in the Multiversity
by Joseph Paff, Bill Cavala, and Jerry Berman
An End to History
by Mario Savio
God in the Colleges: The Dehumanization of the University
by Michael Novak
Sex and the New Morality: Confusion and Humanity
by Thomas Conrad
Student Social Action: From Liberation to Community
by Thomas Hayden

Appendix: War and Foreign Policy
From the Port Huron Statement
Heads You Win, Tails We Lose
by Jonathan Eisen
Let Us Shape the Future
by Carl Oglesby
The Crisis of Cold War Ideology
by Paul Booth

Subject Headings

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