The I.F. Stone's Weekly Reader

Stone, I.F.
Publisher:  Random House, USA
Year Published:  1973
Pages:  322pp   Price:  $9.25   ISBN:  0-394-48815-6
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6331

An anthology of 20 years of journalism by independent journalists I.F. Stone.



Part I: Four Themes and a Footnote
1. How Earth Day Was Polluted
2. Imperialism is not Internationalism
3. The Crisis Coming for a Free Press
4. Heading for a Bigger Arms Race in the 70s
5. Another Way to Elude the Censor and See the Fate in Store for that 'Peace Dividend'

Part II: McCarthy and the Cold War
(a) McCarthy and the Witch-Hunt
1. Time for a Deportation - to Wisconsin
2. Time for a Change
3. McCarthy's Bluff, and Two Who Called It
4. Scholarly Moment before the Jenner Committee
5. The Hounded Champions of the Alien Meet in Chicago
6. But it's not just Joe McCarthy
7. The Last Stand of Low Blow Joe
8. A Proposal of Belated Justice to the Blacklisted Teachers of New York
(b) The Cold War
1. Washington After Stalin
2. Mr Molotov's Time-Bombs
3. The Meaning of Khrushchev's Revisions in Communist Doctrine
4. The Hungarian Rebels have Destroyed the Last Illusions of an Era
5. The Secret of all that Enthusiasm about the Geophysical Year
6. How John Foster Mitty Triumphed in Versailles
7. What the Berlin Crisis Really Shows
8. Patriotic Reflections on the Eve of a Foreign Invasion
9. Getting Ready to Detect 'Moonquakes'
10. The Q and A of a World Crisis
11. Those Who Can't Afford Bomb Shelters - Do they Deserve to Die?
12. Requiescat in Monte
13. The First Military Dictatorship with a Free (But Suspended) Constitution
14. NATO, the Poor Czechs and the Arms Race
15. Sorry, it's the same old Tricky D-y

Part III: The American Nightmare
(a) The Race War
1. The Negro Strides towards Full Emancipation
2. The South is Sick - That is the Meaning of the Till Murder
3. The United States as 3 Nations, not one
4. Yes, Virginia, There's Still a Red (Red Men, that is) Menace
5. Hopeful Thought-of -the-Week
6. The Lesson Faubus-Era America May Still Learn from Algeria
7. To Understand the Integration Crisis read Anne Braden's The Wall Between
8. The Ugly Questions Unanswered in that Lynching
9. On a Certain Blindness to the Peril of Racism
10. The Negro, the FBI and Police Brutality
11. Too Few Listen as Freedom Riders and Sit-In-ers tell their Dramatic Story
12. When's the President going to Mention Racism?
13. Suppose not Negroes but men of Property were being beaten in Mississippi?
14. The Wasteland in the White Man's Heart
15. All Deliberate Speed
16. J Edgar Hoover's Novel View of Racism
17. If we acted in Selma as we act in Saigon
18. Why they cry Black Power
19. The Fire has only just begun
20. When Will Nixon's Top Black Officials Walk out in Protest…?
(b) Poverty
1. The Rich March on Washington all the Time
2. How They Fix the Poverty Line
(c) Democracy
1. An Appalling Choice to head the CIA
2. When a 2-Party System Becomes a 1-Party Rubber Stamp
3. The Price we pay for Empire
(d) The Presidents
1. At Least there is the Promise of Bigness in Kennedy
2. As if the Prophet Jeremiah were Caught Cheering
3. We all had a Finger on that Trigger
4. Johnson far below JFK in Sophistication, Breadth and Taste
5. The Fatal Lure of World Domination
6. A Man the Whole World has begun to Distrust
7. So what's a Little Isaiah between Friends?

Part IV: Beyond the Western World
(a) China and South-East Asia
1. Was the War no Surprise to Chiang Kai-shek?
2. Now the UN Must Liberate the USA
3. On Indo-China
4. Why the Chinese 7th Fleet is in Long Island Sound
5. Putting the Spotlight on the Trouble Brewing over Cambodia
6. Never were so many Warnings Ignored as in Laos
7. Hardly setting an Example of Adherence to World Law
8. Another Fact-Evading Mission
9. A Crisis and a Turning Point Approaches in Vietnam
10. Withholding the Truth on Weapon Losses
11. Where Johnson's New Bombings Lead
12. Why China Builds Bombs at the Expense of Bread
13. Saigon Afire Now - Will it be Washington in April?
14. They Pleaded Guilty of Burning Paper instead of Children
15. The Con Game of 'Withdrawal' from Vietnam
16. Strange Way to Cut Back
17. The Atrocities Nixon Condones and Continues
18. Only the Bums can save the Country Now
19. Peace is Still a Long, Long March Away
(b) Cuba and Latin America
1. Botching the Cuban and Sugar Problems
2. What do we do in Cuba if we win?
3. The Deed was Done Quickly, but it's Macbeth Who's Dead
4. US Public not informed of Guevara's Olive Branch at Punta del Este
5. The Reprieve and What Needs to be done with it
6. Why Peron Happened and can Happen again
7. The Bitter Harvest in Central America
8. Speaking Loudly, but Carrying a Twig
9. Debasement of the Coinage and Corruption of the Word
10. What Chile Needs is an Opening to the Left
11. Brazil provides and ironic footnote on Wars of National Liberation
12. Will Brazil some day be our Algeria?
13. Why Washington would be wise to be patient with Chile's Allende
(c) Israel and the Middle East
1. What should not be forgotten in Israel's Crisis
2. An Affluent Society but living beyond its means
3. The Harder Battle and the Nobler Victory
4. Golda Meir and God's Cruel Prank

Part V: Three Themes and an Epilogue
1. Note to the rest of the Universe
2. The Pax Americana brings Fascism to our 'First Frontier of Freedom'
3. In defence of the Campus Rebels
4. Notes on Closing, but not in Farewell


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