Agrarian Socialism
The Cooperative Commonwealth in Saskatchewan: A Study in Political Sociology

Lipset, Seymour Martin
Publisher:  The Cooperative Commonweath Federatin in Saskatchewan, NewYork, Canada
Year Published:  1968   First Published:  1950
Pages:  487pp  
Dewey:  329.9
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6157

A study of the social background of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation in Saskatchewan, which in 1944 became to first government with avowed socialist goals to be elected to office in Canada. The updated 1968 edition contains a new introduction and additional essays by five other scholars.


Table of Contents:

Part I: Agrarian Socialism
Author's Preface
The Background of Agrarian Radicalism
The Social and Economic Setting
The Emergence of Agrarian Class Consciousness
The Farmers' Movement Goes Socialist
The Economic Consequences of the Depression
The Movement Grows to Power
Ideology and Program
CCF Support
CCF Leaders
Social Structure and Political Activity
Politics and Social Change
Bureaucracy and Social Change

Part II: Twenty Years Later
Agrarian Pragmatism and Radical Politics
The Decline and Fall of Agrarian Socialism
The Doctors' Strike: Change and Resistance to Change in Saskatchewan
Prairie Protest: The Medicare Conflict in Saskatchewan
Occupational Class and Voting Behaviour: Electoral Support of a Left-Wing Protest Movement in a Period of Prosperity

Subject Headings

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