The Membership Mystigue

Trenbeth, Richard P.
Publisher:  Fund-Raising Institute, Ambler, USA
Year Published:  1986
Pages:  280pp   ISBN:  0-930807-01-4
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3514

Many non-profit and change-oriented groups desire to increase the number of their members, both because a larger membership makes them more effective and credible, and because paying members can make the organization more financially stable. The Membership Mystique is about launching and running membership programs. It looks at how to assess the membership potential for your group or cause and what motivates people to become members of an organization. It discusses, in detail, and with many illustrations and examples, how to design a membership recruitment program, how to design membership brochures and other materials, what sorts of incentives to offer, pitfalls to avoid, how to keep good records, and how to encourage members to increase their level of giving. The Membership Mystique should be on the desk of anyone charged with developing a membership program for their organization.

Subject Headings

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