Food, Hunger, Agribusiness

Publisher:  Orbis Books, USA
Year Published:  1987  
ISBN:  0-88344-531X
Book Type:  Directories
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX3383

Abstract:  The fifth in a series of twelve volumes on Third World regions and issues being compiled by the Data Centre of the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America (Maryknoll), this directory updates and expands the listings in the chapter on food, hunger and agribusiness in the Third World Resources Directory published in 1984. It identifies resources on the subject from organizations in all parts of the world for whom this is the predominant focus.
The editors describe their approach as "partisan and biased" in favour of a radical analysis of Third World affairs, contending that fundamental changes in economic and social relations are essential; change will come about through struggles between the "powerful" and the "powerless;" and that private and public institutional power of countries like the US is often used to frustrate initiatives for fundamental social change in Third World countries.
There are six chapters, each with annotated entries, the parameters of the annotation being spelled out in the introduction to each chapter. Supplementary lists follow the annoted entries, along with a list of Information Sources. The six chapters cover 1) organizations, 2) books, 3) periodicals, 4) pamphlets and articles, 5) audiovisuals and 6) other resources, such as catalogues, directories, guides, curriculum and workshop materials. Excellent indexing (under headings of Organizations, Individuals, Title, Geographical Areas and Subjects) allows for quick retrieval of information. An essential reference work for anyone working in, teaching about, or otherwise concerned with hunger in the Third World.

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