Learning from our History
Community Development by Immigrant Women in Ontario 1958 - 1986

Gupta, Tania Das
Publisher:  Cross Cultural Communication Centre
Year Published:  1986
Pages:  106pp   ISBN:  ISBN 0-9691060-7-6
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3273

This book is described as "a tool for action" with the aim of providing "a useful resource for those engaged in community development and educational work with immigrant women in Canada." The section entitled "Recovering Our Past" includes a schematic analysis of community development history over the past two decades. The section ends with some practical Do's and Dont's for those starting to do group work with immigrant women. Another section, "Digging Deeper: Learning from Our History" documents case studies of community networks, programs and organizations. "Strengthening the Web" provides a resource list of significant groups and programs for immigrant women in Ontario. The book also includes a bibliography. The case studies and reflections on them are strengthened by sections examining the larger context of economic exploitation, racism, and sexism. A useful tool for those working with immigrant women.

Subject Headings

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