For Friends of Foodland
A Citizen's Guide to Foodland Preservation

Publisher:  Ontario Coalition to Preserve Foodland
Year Published:  1984
Pages:  47pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3226

This guide is a well organized introduction to a serious problem--the rapid shrinkage of agricultural land. Beginning with an overview and history of the foodland preservation issue, the booklet provides a comprehensive listing of government agencies and citizens' groups concerned with the issues, as well as a list of professionals and their fields of study. This is followed with accounts of how two citizens' groups, APPEAL and PALS, took action to protect farmland in two parts of Ontario.

Helpful advice is given for those who want to do research and organize locally for land preservation. There is an outline of farm legislation in six provinces and in the U.S.A. covering planning, assesment, zoning, development rights and "right to farm" legislation. A bibliography is provided.

Subject Headings

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