Global Thoughts, Local Actions

McConkey, David
Publisher:  The Marquis Project
Year Published:  1985   First Published:  1984
Pages:  107pp  
Dewey:  301.632
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3196

A wealth of information for those seeking ways to link global problems to everyday life.

Abstract:  This book contains a wealth of information for those seeking ways to link global problems to everyday life.
The author's basic hypothesis is that we live in a society of outdated attitudes and values. He presents his views in three parts: global problems, global answers, and ideas for local and individual answers.
In Part I, "Global Realities" speaks of ecological problems, lack of responsible stewardship of our resources, consumer addiction, an outdated work ethic, respecting international development, and inequality in foreign aid.

Part II, "Towards a Global Ethic", says that "with new technologies and new understandings, Canadian society can be ecologically sound, energy conserving, employment producing, and can encourage planetary peace and justice." A conserver attitude, a steweardship ethic and self-reliance are suggested as replacements to how we now live.

Part III, "What Can I Do?", gives many examples of recycling and wise energy use and reducing our own consumption of non-renewable resources by living simply so that others may simply live. He also advocated restructuring eduction, nurturing a harmonious family atmosphere and the importance of the influential political role of individual and collective actions.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Welcome To The Real World

Part One: Global Realities
1. Canada And The World: Ecology and Energy
2. Canada And The World: Employment and Equity

Part Two: Towards A Global Ethic
3. Ecology: A Stewardship Ethic
4. Energy: A Conserver Ethic
5. Employment: A New Work Ethic
6. Equity: A Peace and Justice Ethic

Part Three: What Can I Do?
7. Voluntary Simplicity
8. Nurturing A Global Ethic
9. Political Action
10. Global Thoughts, Local Actions

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