The Triple Oppression Of Immigrant Working Women

Year Published:  1986
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3135

This edition of One Sky Report, TRIPLE OPPRESSION: IMMIGRANT WOMEN IN THE LABOUR FORCE, points out that immigrant women have few legal rights and are often unaware of those that they do have. It examines three factors determining the position of these women in the Canadian economy: class, race and sex.

Immigrant women are often limited to domestic or other low-paying jobs that Canadian workers are reluctant to take. Those sponsored by their husbands can lose their immigrant status if their marriage breaks down because the sponsorhisp contract is no longer in force. Husbands can therefore use this as a means of keeping their wives from leaving.

Other articles deal with domestic workers, Third World women who work in sweatshops and garment workers in Quebec.

Subject Headings

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