Periodical profile published 1984

Year Published:  1984
Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX2974

BULLDOZER is a 50-page magazine which includes poetry, articles, appeals for support and artwork submitted by prisoners form across North America.
In June 1983, following the arrest of the Vancouver Five, the house, within which the core of the BULLDOZER collective was living, was raided by 14 members of the Litton bombing investigation squad. Police seized materials alreaady typeset for issue 6 of BULLDOZER, along with the mailing list, correspondence, magazines, leaflets and files. Members viewed the raid as "an attempt to disrupt [their] political work and to intimidate others who might work with [them] on it."
No charges connected with bombing resulted from the raid, but nine months later the seized materials had yet to be reuturned. In addition, access was denied to a judge in order to obtain a warrant authorizing the raid. This information is usually a public document, readily available; it is highly unusual for it to be sealed. This is seen to be a dangerous precendent, as it means that" any group, any individual, any magazine could be raided without the police having to be accountable tor their actions in court." The BULLDOZER collections are needed to cover legal costs.
The Spring '84 issue of BULLDOZER includes an article on the first trial of the Vancouver Five and an interview with two of the accused, conducted in November 1983 at Oakalla Prison.

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