Canadian Human Rights Reporter
Periodical profile published 1982

Year Published:  1982  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX2589
Inactive/Defunct Periodical
Abstract:  Published since 1980, the CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS REPORTER is intended as a reference and reporting service for individuals and groups active in human rights issues in Canada. Its operative premise is that since human rights law is still relatively new in Canada, the decisions handed down by Boards of Inquiry and the courts are important both in social impact and legal precedent.

Each month, the REPORTER provides its subscribers with the full text of all the latest decisions handed down by provincial Boards of Inquiry and courts and the federal tribunals and courts. French-language decisions are given with a summary in English. Subscribers also receive schedule of active cases, which is updated nine times a year. A companion volume proivdes the full text of all federal and provincial huma rights legislation and regulations. Replacement pages are issued whenever legislation is amended. Masterials are in loose-leaf form in binders, colour-coded, with a cumulative index, table of cases, and headnotes.

Subject areas covered include affirmative action programmes, 'bona fide' occupational qualifications, civil liberties, equal pay, hate literature, mandatory retirement, maternity benefits, minority language rights, race discrimination, and sexual harassment.

In addition, several times a year the REPORTER issues articles by people knowledgeable in the field, who analyse recent developments and trends. Recent articles have commented on Native and woemn's rights in the Constitution, affirmative action, and changes in the definition of discrimination as legally considered.

Subject Headings

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