Zionism Boycotts the Funeral of Marek Edelman

Greenstein, Tony
Date Written:  2009-10-15
Publisher:  Tony Greenstein's Blog
Year Published:  2009
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22654

A sad farewell to Marek Edelman - the last surviving Commander of the Bund. The article describes his funeral in Warsaw, where he was buried, although he lived in Poland's second city, Lodz.



Marek Edelman was not a mythical Massada figure or straight from central casting in Hollywood, but a real, live Jewish resistance fighter who had survived against the odds. The problem was that he was not a Zionist. Indeed, even worse. He had compared the fight of the ZOB, Jewish Fighting Organisation, to that of the Palestinians, whom he termed the Palestinian Fighting Organisations.

It was he, Edelman, who saw that the murderous racism of the Nazis was mirrored in Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. So, as the article says, Edelman was treated like an embarrassing relative. Never to be mentioned. It was left to the Polish people, represented by their President, to pay their last respects to a uniquely remarkable man. So we should welcome that The State of Collaborators - Israel - not unnaturally decided to boycott the funeral, petty and vindictive to the last.

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