Our Generation
Volume 3 Number 2

Date Written:  1964-10-01
Year Published:  1964
Pages:  100pp   Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX22559


Supplement on Peace Research:

A Critical Definition of Peace Research, Johan Galtung
Needs and Opportunities in Peace Research and Peace Education, Kenneth Boulding
New Directions in Social Science: Peace Research, Ruth L. Bunzel
Some Remarks on the History of International Conflict Resolution, Remigiusz Bierzanek
The Need for a Study on the Psychology of Disarmament, Kenneth Boulding
Creative Alternatives to a Deadly Showdown, Muzafer Sherif
Peace Research USA, Thomas Hayden and Richard Flacks
Peace Research in Asia, Elie Boulding
Nuclear Physicists in British Novels: The Moral Equation, G.J. Ringer
Peace Training: A Beginning, Theodore Olson
Student Politics and World Politics: Ferment and Change, Philip G. Altback and Gail Paradise

Subject Headings

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