How to Promote a Just Transition and Break out of the jobs vs. environment trap
A Superfund for Workers

Brecher, Jeremy

Publisher:  Dollars & Sense
Date Written:  01/11/2015
Year Published:  2015  
Pages:  5pp  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX19226

A strategy has been emerging to protect workers and communities whose livelihoods may be threatened by climate protection policies. Protecting those who lose their jobs due to necessary environmental policies has often been referred to as a "just transition."



It is a basic principle of fairness that the burden of policies that are necessary for society - like protecting the environment- shouldn’t be borne by a small minority, who through no fault of their own happen to be victimized by their side effects. It would be unfair for workers, who happen to work in jobs that need to be eliminated in order to achieve some social good, to bear the burden of that change by being left on their own without a job. Just transition policies mean workers will not just be thrown on the trash heap.

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