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Kollontai, Alexandra
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Writings of Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952).



1907-1916: International Socialist Conferences of Women Workers
1908: Introduction to “The Social Basis of the Women's Question”
1909: The Social Basis of the Women's Question
1912: The International Proletariat and War
1913: Women's Day
1914: The War and Our Immediate Tasks
1914-1916: A Giant Mind, a Giant Will
1915: Who Needs the War?
1915: Why was the German proletariat silent in the July Days?
1915: Preface to the Book Society and Motherhood
1915: The Third International (PDF)
1916: The Statue of Liberty
1916: Do Internationalists Want a Split?
1917: Our Memorial to the Fighters for Freedom
1917: Our Tasks
1917: Lenin at Smolny
1917: Why the Bolsheviks Must Win
1918: The First Steps Towards the Protection of Motherhood
1918: V.I. Lenin and the First Congress of Women Workers
1918: Decree on Child Welfare
1918: New Woman (from The New Morality and the Working Class)
1919: Women Workers Struggle For Their Rights
1919: What Are We Fighting For?
1919: History of the movement of Women workers in Russia
1920: International Women's Day
1920: Communism and the Family (more complete version)
1920: Communism and the Family
1920: An Interesting Letter from Russia
1921: The Labour of Women in the Evolution of the Economy
1921: Prostitution and ways of fighting it
1921: Workers' Opposition
1921: The Woman Worker and Peasant in Soviet Russia
1921: Theses on Communist Morality in the Sphere of Marital Relations
1921: Sexual Relations and the Class Struggle
1922: Soon (In 48 years' time)
1926: Autobiography of a Sexually Emancipated Communist Woman
1927: Red Love
1927: Women fighters in the days of the Great October Revolution
1927: What has the October Revolution done for Women in the West?
1929: Great Love
1946: The Soviet Woman – a Full and Equal Citizen of Her Country
1946: Lenin Thought of Both Great and Small

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