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Higgins, Jim
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Writings of Jim Higgins (1930 – 2002).



Spring 1961 Dead Scrolls? (book review)

Autumn 1963 Ten Years for the Locust

Spring 1964 A Weekend With the Lumpentrots

Summer 1965 Mike Kidron (letter)

Winter 1965/66 Harry Wasn’t (book review)

Spring 1966 [White-collar workers]

Winter 1966/67 Luxemburg and Lenin

Spring 1967 Is Almond a Nut? (book review)

Autumn 1967 1917: Lenin and the Working Class

March 1968 A Day with the Leadership

April 1969 Morning Star (book review)

October 1969 The Origins of the Communist Party (extended book review)

April 1970 Lenin (pamphlet)

November 1970 The Minority Movement

February 1971 Revolutionary Trade Unionism

April 1971 Revolutionary Trade Unionism - Part II

October 1971 Sectarianism, Centrism and the I.S. Group

March 1972 Marxism and Terrorism (with Duncan Hallas)

May 1972 Setting the Record Straight

December 1972 Natalia Trotsky and the Fourth International (book review)

January 1973 The Assassination of Trotsky (book review)

January 1973 Trotsky: a documentary (book review) (as Robert James)

July 1973 Why did you join the party? (as Robert James)

December 1973 Zionism

April 1974 Rank and file movement: the first links are forged (with Paul Foot)

February 1975 R.P. Dutt: Stalin’s British mouthpiece (obituary)

July 1975 Now Let Us Praise Leon Trotsky (extended book review)

6 Sept. 1975 The deluge after Blackpool

27 Sept. 1975 AUEW: Decline of a union

18 Oct. 1975 Trade unions: Democracy at the Top

8 Nov. 1975 Clive Jenkins: Tomorrow the world

15 Nov. 1975 Equity: Lets Play Trade Unions

22 Nov. 1975 Communist congress: Pale-pink Reds

29 Nov. 1975 AUEW election

13 Dec. 1975 TUC Running Scared

17 Jan. 1976 The unions: Out of molehills

24 Jan. 1976 Transport: Art for BR’s sake

14 Feb. 1976 The lessons of Linwood (book review)

April 1976 Hagiography or History (review article)

April 1976 It’s time to give left-wing democracy the deodorant treatment

3 April 1976 Doon in Troon

10 April 1976 The year of Scanlon?

24 April 1976 Good soldiers?

8 May 1976 Are Journalists Often Red?

29 May 1976 Amalgamating the engineers

19 June 1976 Bristol fashion

August 1976 Too much Cogitation is bad for Monty’s eyesight

September 1976 TUC leaders back Labour - at our expense

18 Sept. 1976 Seamen back from the brink

12 Nov. 1977 Breakthrough for the Trots?

9 Nov. 1985 The Fall of the Mekon

1993 1956 and All That

July 1993 From Gangrene ... to the Danger of Amputation

1994 What Is To Be Done With Lenin?

Spring 1995 Max Shachtman and His Left (book review)

Winter 1995/96 The Prophet’s Children (book review)

Summer 1996 The Ideas of Leon Trotsky (book review)

July 1996 A secular-democratic state

1997 More Years for the Locust (book)

1997 Trotskyism in the United States (book review)

1998 The arrogance of the long distance Zionist

1999 The Fate of the Russian Revolution (book review)

1999 The Locusts, Cankerworms, Caterpillars and Palmerworms Will Get You If You Don’t Watch Out

2000 A World To Win (book review)

2002 The Asturian Uprising & the Warsaw Commune (book review)

2002 How Not to Hammer Hitchens (letter)

2002 Tony Cliff (letter)

2002 Trotskyist Bears and Working Class Stars

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