What Really Caused the Implosion of the Occupy Movement - An Insider's View
Taking a hard look at some of the self-sabotaging behaviors of the left

Marom, Yotam
Date Written:  2015-12-23
Publisher:  Alternet
Year Published:  2015
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX18574

It's a cool night in early October of 2011, the height of Occupy Wall Street. Two months ago I had just moved into my parents' basement, feeling deflated after the end of Bloombergville (a two-week street occupation outside city hall to try to stop the massive budget cuts of that same year), convinced this country wasn't ready for movement. Now I'm in this living room with some of the most impressive people I've ever met, at the shaky helm of a movement that has become part of the mainstream's daily consciousness.

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