Not Worth The Risk
A Community Report on the Line 9 International Energy Board Hearings

Grant, Sonia; Peloso, Andrea; Pope, Erin; Saunders, Sakura; Sharkey, John; Vasey, Dave; Vos, Lukas
Date Written:  2014-12-01
Year Published:  2014
Pages:  20pp   Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX17061

Enbridge's Line 9 pipeline – a 38 year old pipeline that is almost identical in build and age to the Line 6B pipeline that ruptured into the Kalamazoo river – seeks to gain approval to reverse its flow, increase its capacity, and carry a dangerous heavy crude known as dilbit, or diluted bitumen. Line 9 runs through sensitive ecosystems and important farmlands throughout Southern Ontario and Quebec, and passes within 50 km of over 9 million people, including 18 First Nations communities.

Subject Headings

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