Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - September 19 2014
Spying, terrorism, and protest

Diemer, Ulli (editor); Khan, Tahmid (production)
Date Written:  2014-09-19
Publisher:  Connexions
Year Published:  2014
Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX17018

Coverage of spying, terrorism, and protest. Articles on how the ISIS (Islamic State group) comes to be using American weapons; the U.S. government's secret plans to spy for American corporations; the insidious power of propaganda; how to spot and defeat disruption on the Internet, and steps to sustainable livestock production. Topic of the week is War Crimes; book for the week is Berkeley: The New Student Revolt, and website of the week is LabourStart.

Subject Headings

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