Press for Conversion #54
August 2004
Date Written:  2004-08-01
Publisher:  Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade
Year Published:  2004
Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX16164

The Bush family's links to fascism.

The Bush family's links to fascism:
President George W.Bush's grandfather (Senator Prescott Bush) and his great-grandfather (George Herbert Walker) built vast fortunes that were later used to launch the careers of George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush. This is how the two George Bushes could afford to get their start in the oil business as well as the slick business of politics. This issue of COAT's magazine provides shocking evidence showing that Prescott Bush and George H.Walker were the financial managers of well-organised American effort to funnel the investments of right-wing U.S. bankers and industrialists into Germany which funded the rise to power of the Nazi Party and Adolph Hitler. During WWII, the banking house of Prescott Bush and George H. Walker profited from companies that used slave labour at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Then, after the war, these forefathers of President George Bush helped launder Nazi loot in the U.S. U.S. intelligence agencies were then complicit in covering their tracks. The ill-gotten financial empire was used to launch the careers that eventually put two George Bushs in the White House. This issue of COAT's magazine also looks at the political actions of President George W.Bush, and his father President George H.W.Bush and shows that they continued the political and economic legacy of fascism that was begun by their forefathers.

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