The Formation of the Economic Thought of Karl Marx
1843 to Capital

Mandel, Ernest
Publisher:  Monthly Review Press
Year Published:  1971  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX15180

Mandel discusses the development of Marx's economic ideas from their beginning to the completion of the Grundrisse. He combines a historical retrospective and a review of curent discussions on each of the subjects and problems central to Marxist economic theory.


Table of Contents

1.From the Critique of Private Property to the Critique of Capitalism

2.From Condemning Capitalism to Providing a Socioeconomic Vindication of Communism

3.From Rejection to Acceptance of the Labor Theory of Value

4.A First General Analysis of the Capitalist Mode of Production

5.The Problem of Periodic Crises

6.Perfecting the Theory of Value, the Theory of Surplus Value, and the Theory of Money

7.The Grundrisse, or the Dialectics of Labor Time and free Time

8.The Asiatic Mode of Production and the Historical Pre-Conditions for the Rise of Capital

9.The Final Shaping of the Theory of Wages

10.From the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts to the Grundrisse: From an Anthropological to a Historical Conception of Alienation

11.Progressive Disalienation Through the Building of Socialist Society, or Inevitable Alienation in Industrial Society?


Subject Headings

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