How Ultraleftism Divided UNAM Strike
Against The Current vol. 88

Hearse, Phil
Date Written:  2000-09-01
Publisher:  Against The Current
Year Published:  2000
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX12831

MEXICO CITY -- Commandeered buses flying red and black flags and Che Guevara portraits sped through the city on October 2, ferrying students to a demonstration commemorating the 1968 student massacre at the Plaza of the Three Cultures. Led by veterans of the 1968 movement, 60,000 students and their supporters slogged the fifteen kilometers from the university campus up Insurgentes and Reforma, the world's longest urban avenues, to a torchlight ceremony in the plaza. Just five weeks before, on August 28, 30,000 students had marched in support of the electricity workers' struggle against privatization.

Subject Headings

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