What Would it Mean to Win?

Turbulence collective
Publisher:  PM Press
Year Published:  2010
Pages:  160pp   ISBN:  978-1-60486-110-5
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX12581

Where is the movement today? Where is it going? Are we winning? The authors of the essays in this volume pose these and other momentous questions.


Table of Contents:
Hope moves faster than the speed of thought
Are we "winning"?
Politics in an age of fantasy
Enclosing the enclosers
Singularisation of the common
A new weather front
Money for nothing?
Walking in the right direction?
Organise local, strike global
Solidarity economics
Compositional power
"Becoming-Woman?" In theory or in practice?
Politicising sadness
Worlds in motion
The crazy before the new
Move into the light?
A conversation with the Turbulence Collective

Subject Headings

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