Get Up, Stand Up
Uniting Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite

Levine, Bruce E.
Publisher:  Chelsea Green Publishing
Year Published:  2011
Pages:  256pp   ISBN:  978-1603582988
Library of Congress Number:  JK1759.L565 2011   Dewey:  322.40973--dc22
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX12575

Levine offers insights into the epidemic of political passivity in America and analyzes how major U.S. institutions have created helplessness and fatalism. He proposes ways of recovering dignity, energy, and unity in order to wrest power away from the corporatocracy.


Table of Contents:

1. The People Divided Versus the Corporatocracy in Control
The Corporations in Control
The People Divided

2. Are the People Broken?
The 1999 Battle of Seattle
The 2000 US Presidential Election
The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
Wall Street Bailout
Health Care Reform
The Election of Barack Obama
Labour Unions and Demoralized Working People
The Tea Party Movement
Who, in Large Numbers, is Fighting for Social Justice?
Light Resistance to Major Oppression
Demoralized, Disorganized, Broken, or What?

3. Prelude to Battle: Liberation Psychology, Individual Self-Respect, and Collective Self-Confidence
Psychological Principles and Techniques for Breaking a Population
Television, Technology, and Zombification
Helplessness in the Age of Isolation, E-relationships, and Bureaucratization
Broken by Fundamentalist Consumerism and Advertising/Propaganda
Student-Loan Debt and Indentured Servitude
The Normalization of Surveillance
The Decline of Labour Unions and the Loss of Power for Working People
Moneyism, Money-Centric Culture, and Weakness
How Schools Teach Powerlessness
Noncompliance as a Mental Illness
Elitism Training
Liars, Hypocrities, Egomaniacs, and the Corporate Media
The US Electoral System and Learned Helplessness

4. Energy to Do Battle: Liberation Psychology, Individual Self-Respect, and Collective Self-Confidence
Critical Thinking and Morale
Energizing People: Morality and Other Fuels
Healing from "Battered People's Syndrome" and "Corporatocracy Abuse"
Combatting Social Isolation and Building Community
Individual Self-Respect and Empowerment
Focus on the Non-Fascist Family: Creating Respectful Relationships
Liberation Psychology
Forging an Alliance among Populists
Inspiration to Overcome Distrust
Collective Self-Confidence: Solidarity and Success

5. Winning the Battle: Solutions, Strategies, and Tactics
Lessons from the Great Populist Revolt
Modern Electoral Politics: Wise or Unwise Battlefield?
The Stretegy and Tactics of Disruption
Are Protest Demonstrations Effective?
The Power of Divorce
Twenty-first-Century Abolitionism: Ending Student-Loan Debt Servitude
Workplace Democracy: Worker and Other Co-operatives
Helpful and Harmful Small Victories and Compromises
Crossing the Final Divide

Subject Headings

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