The Abolition of the State
Anarchist & Marxist Perspectives

Price, Wayne
Year Published:  2007
Pages:  204pp   ISBN:  9781434316967
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX12564

Both Anarchists and Marxists believe that it will be possible to do away with the state. But what do they mean by that? What is the state, after all? What institutions, if any, would be necessary to replace its functions? Would a transitional “dictatorship of the proletariat” be needed or will it be possible to immediately abolish the state? Does modern technology require a centralized institution such as the state? Throughout the history of revolutions, the people have created workplace councils and neighborhood assemblies--how could these replace the state?


Table of Contents:
Part I: Instead of the State
Chapter 1. Putting the State into the Museum of Antiquities
Chapter 2. What is the State?
Chapter 3. Revolution or Reform?
Chapter 4. The Marxist Transitional State
Chapter 5. Anarchist Alternatives to the State
Chapter 6.Technological Challenges to the Abolition of the State
Chapter 7. A World Without the State
Part II: State and Revolution... and Counterrevolution
Chapter 9. The Russian Revolution
Chapter 10. The Spanish Revolution
Chapter 11. The Fight Against Naziism in Germany
Part III: Conclusion: Revolutionary Democracy
Chapter 12. Democracy versus the State

Subject Headings

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