Grassroots media relations
A short introduction to media relations strategies for activist groups

Diemer, Ulli

Publisher:  Connexions Information Sharing Services
Date Written:  01/01/2016
Year Published:  2017   First Published:  2010
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX11819

A media relations guide for organizers and activists.

Abstract:  A media relations guide for activists and organizers. Topics covered include:
What and who are the media?
Who decides whether a story gets covered?
What makes a story newsworthy?
The influence of advertising on media formats.
Things which need not be said and things which cannot be said.
Media strategy.
Framing your issue and countering the frames of the dominant media.
Deciding on your key message.
Hooks to entice or persuade the media that your story is newsworthy.
Writng media releases.
Distributing your media releases.
Interview and contacts with the media.
Bridging from off-track questions and status quo assumptions to the message you want to convery.
Letters to the editor.

Subject Headings

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