Eating Fire
Family Life, on the Queer Side

Riordon, Michael
Publisher:  Between the Lines
Year Published:  2001
Pages:  302pp   ISBN:  1-896357-45-8
Library of Congress Number:  HQ76.3.C3R55 2001   Dewey:  306.85'086'64
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX11767

An inside look at a rainbow of relationships, sexual and otherwise, that gay, lesbian, and transgendered people create to animate their lives: lovers, partners, parents/kids, quick tricks, torrid affairs, sweethearts, crushes, exes, friends, bottoms and tops, threesomes, butches and fems, bears, cubs and johns. Based on hundreds of intimate conversations across Canada, Eating Fire explores the deepest currents of life: sex, love, loneliness, abuse, power and consent, giving birth, death, being a wo/man, pleasure, fear, joy - risks and rewards of creating family without boundaries.


Table of Contents


Fruitful Couplings
1. War and Peace, and Celery
2. Dancing with Widows
3. The Hired Hand
4. Finding Home
5. Where the Boys Are
6. I've Looked at Life from Both Sides Now
7. Mr Right
8. A Balance of Powers
9. Passage to India
10. War and peace, and Bullshit

Family Values
11. My Son the Queen
12. My Name in the Snow
13. Modern Parenting
14. The Parental Urge
15. One of the Family
16. Bumps and Bruises
18. Some Kindred Spirits
19. The Burden of Gravity

Roles in the Hay
20. 0977056: A Life
21. Exodus
22. Out There
23. You Gotta Have a Gimmick
24. Roaming with Roxy
25. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
26. Walks with Smudge

Subject Headings

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