Karl Marx: The Story of His Life

Mehring, Franz

Year Published:  1936   First Published:  1918
Pages:  575pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX10712

A biography of Karl Marx


Table of Contents

Translator's Preface
Author's Introduction
Chronological Table

Chapter One - Early Years
One - Home and School
Two - Jenny Von Westphalen

Chapter Two - A Pupil of Hegel
One - The First Year in Berlin
Two - The Young Hegelians
Three - The Philosophy of self-consciousness
Four - The Doctoral Dissertation
Five - The "Anekdota" and the "Rheinische Zeitung"
Six - The Rhenish Diet
Seven - Five Months of Struggle
Eight - Ludwig Feurebach
Nine - Marriage and Banishment

Chapter Three - Exile in Paris
One - The "Deutsgh-Franzosische Jahrbugher"

Chapter Four - Friedrich Engels
One - Office and Barracks
Two - English Civilization
Three - "The Holy Family"
Four - A Fundamental Socialist Work

Chapter Five - Exile in Brussels
One - The "German Ideology"
Two - "True Socialism"
Three - Weitling and Proudhon
Four - Historical Materialism
Five - The "Deutsche Brusseler Zeitung"
Six - The Communist League
Seven - Propaganda in Brussels
Eight - "The communist Manifesto"

Chapter Six - Revolution and Counter-Revolution
One - February and March Days
Two - June Days
Three - The War Against Russia
Four - September Days
Five - The Cologne Democracy
Six - Freiligrath and lassalle
Seven - October and November Days
Eight - An Act of Perfidy
Nine - And Another Cowardly Trick

Chapter Seven - Exile in London
One - The "Neue Rheinische Revue"
Two - The Kinkel Affair
Three - The Split in the Communist League
Four - Life in Exile
Five - "The Eighteenth Brumaire"
Six - The Communist Trial in Cologne

Chapter Eight - Marx and Engels
One - Genius and Society
Two - An Incomparable Alliance

Chapter Nine - The Crimean War and the Crisis
One - European Politics
Two - David Urquhart, G.J. Harney and Ernest Jones
Three - Family and Friends
Four - The Crisis of 1857
Five - The "Critique of Political Economy"

Chapter Ten - Dynastic Changes
One - The Italian War
Two - The Dispute with Lassale
Three - New Struggles in Exile
Four - Interludes
Five - "Herr Vogt"
Six - Domestic and Personal
Seven - Lassalle's Agitation

Chapter Eleven - The Early Years of the International
One - The Founding of the International
Two - "The Inaugural Address"
Three - The Breath with Schweitzer
Four - The First Conference in London
Five - The Austro-Prussian War
The Geneva Congress

Chapter Twelve - "Das Kapital"
One - Birth Pangs
Two - The First Volume
Three - The Second and Third Volumes
Four - The Reception of "Capital"

Chapter Thirteen - The International at its Zenith
One - England, France and Belgium
Two - Switzerland and Germany
Three - Bakunin's Agitation
Four - The Alliance of Socialist Democracy
Five - The Basle Congress
Six - Confusion of Geneva
Seven - The "Confidential Communication"
Eight - The Irish Amnesty and the French Plebiscite

Chapter Fourteen - The Decline of the International
One - Sedan
Two - After Sedan
Three - "The Civil War in France"
Four - The International and the Paris Commune
Five - The Bakunist Opposition
Six - The Second Conference in London
Seven - The Disintegration of the International
Eight - The Hague Congress
Nine - Valedictory Twinges

Chapter Fifteen - The Last Decade
One - Marx at Home
Two - The German Social Democracy
Three - Anarchism and the War in the Near East
Four - The Dawn of a New Day
Five - Twilight
Six - The Last Year

Notes as to Sources

Subject Headings

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