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Don't neglect your presentation skills
Bender, Peter Urs
Do not wait until you are about to present. It's not worth the stress, or to risk looking like a fool. Take time to prepare.
Expand your knowledge by getting advice from the experts!
Public opinion plays a key role in government spending decisions, and one of the most effective ways to influence public opinion is through the media. A single appearance on television, for example, g...
Frequently Asked Questions about Sources
SOURCES is a media service that connects journalists, editors, authors and researchers with the sources they need for their work. SOURCES spotlights organizations, institutions, government agencies, c...
Going to the Public -- Ten public speaking tips
Czarnecki, Al
Advice on effective public speaking.
Guide to giving speeches and presentations: Tips and advice of public speaking, making speeches and giving presentations effectively.
Giving speeches and presentations is one of the most basic ways that an activist can communicate their ideas. Every activist should have at least a little experience with public speaking.
Helping you reach the media: How Sources can help you get more and better media coverage
Media coverage is the most valuable kind of publicity there is because it is based on the news value or information value of what you do or say, and is therefore far more credible than paid publicity ...
A web portal featuring publicity and PR resources, including articles, documents, books, websites, and experts and spokespersons. The home page features a selection of recent and important articles. A...
7 Tips for Effective Speeches
Bender, Peter Urs
How to make your speeches more effective.
Smooth Talking! Explore the Paid Speaking Market
Fillmore, Cathleen
Becoming a professional speaker.
Sources.com: Portal for Journalists and Writers - The directory for reporters, writers, editors and researchers
Sources is an information portal for journalists, freelance writers, news editors, authors, researchers and journalism students -- and a resource for organizations, institutions, businesses, and ind...
Sources media training
Media training to ensure that you are ready to handle media interviews. Topics include Message making, Staying newsworthy, Safe spokesperson techniques, Preparation and relaxation techniques, Media et...
Sources Select Speakers
Speakers available to take media calls about their area of expertise, and available for speaking engagements.

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Sources specializes in collecting, indexing, and disseminating information to help journalists, editors, and researchers quickly reach articulate experts and spokespersons who can provide background i...
Sources HotLink, The
The Sources HotLink is a newsletter, published by Sources, featuring articles, practical ideas and tips for getting positive media coverage. The Sources HotLink is sent free to companies...

Sources Experts & Spokespersons

Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem, M.Ed.
Assisting clients to create and maintain the personal and professional relationships they desire is the focus of Marilyn's work. Her direct approach to identifying problems, teaching life skills, and implementing solutions has mad...
Sources specializes in collecting, indexing and disseminating information to help journalists, editors and researchers quickly reach articulate experts and spokespersons who can provide background information and comment on a wide...
Speakers Gold
Speakers Gold, the Five Star bureau, represents some of the world's top speaking talent. We take your request very seriously and match you with the right speaker within your budget. We purposely have a small roster and represent o...

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Achieving Success as a professional speaker
Attaining success as a professional speaker is no easy matter! Talent and hard work are absolute musts. And, another absolute is EXPOSURE # success as a professional speaker depends on promoting yours...
The Benefits of Professional Speaking
Fillmore, Cathleen
No matter how good you are, you'll still have something to learn or some new set of skills to acquire.
Building on the Emotional Experience of the Brand
Linking Individual Brands With the Brand of a Convention or Event
Saxby, David
As professional speakers, we each seek to create our own brand. However, in today's marketplace, aligning everything we do with the brand of the convention or event will assist us in fulfilling the ex...
Canadian Public Speaking
Novis, Melanie
Doing & Saying the Right thing
Bonner, Allan
Professional risk and crisis management.
Gain Clients (and Earn Money) By Speaking Engagements
Fillmore, Cathleen
One of the best way to get new clients is by speaking to organizations. There's something about the immediacy of being in front of people that has great spin-off benefits. So whether you do it for the...
Getting your story into the media
Stories are the heart and soul of the media. Journalism is about telling stories, and good stories require sources # human contacts, the people who provide informed comment and expertise, the people w...
Mastering the Teleprompter
Novis, Melanie
Mastering the teleprompter can be learned by using ten easy steps.
Online PR and Social Media for Experts, Authors, Consultants, and Speakers
Develop your reputation, get found, and attract a following
Craig, Randall M.
Professional Speakers: Create Brilliant Marketing Material
Fillmore, Cathleen
Speakers really find it difficult to talk about themselves in glowing terms but that's exactly what you need to do. Put your words on paper in a way that really reflects your brilliance.
Professional Speakers: To Market, To Market!
Fillmore, Cathleen
Your positioning defines your market. Once you've decided on exactly what you stand for, you are now clear about who wants to hear you speak.
Professional Speakers: What's on Your Menu of Services?
Fillmore, Cathleen
As a professional speaker, you need to offer more than simply a keynote or two to your clients. But you don't want to offer so many different things in different forms that you confuse your client.
Professionally Speaking
Getting Ahead in Business and Life Through Effective Communicating
Wilder, Lilyan
Guidelines for effective communication, including media interviews and speeches.
Public Speaking: Overcoming The Fear
Brunger, Karen
Tips for overcoming anxiety.
Review: Your Guide to Public Speaking
Coburn, Jean
A no-nonsense guide to public speaking.
The Six Figure Speaker
Formula for a Six-Figure Income as a Professional Speaker
Fillmore, Cathleen
A guide for professional speakers with strategies for success.
6 Keys to Becoming a Six Figure Speaker
Fillmore, Cathleen
Rather than ask what the hot topics are, ask yourself what you want to say and then find the fit you're looking for.
Sources gives you powerful tools to help you stand out from the crowd
An overview of how you can use SOURCES to amplify your message. SOURCES is a media service that connects journalists, editors, writers, producers and researchers with the sources they need for their ...
Speaking of Success
Join your colleages in Sources
Speaking to the Media
A special report from Sources with articles from The Sources HotLink
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Being seen, heard, and quoted in the media is perhaps the quickest, best, and most lasting way for a speaker to become better known and more sought after. This booklet offers advice on handling media ...
Why Buyers Don't Choose You
Fillmore, Cathleen
Positioning is basically how you differentiate yourself in the marketplace. The most powerful positioning addresses your prospects' (often unspoken) needs. It appeals to the emotions first, then the i...

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The Sources HotLink
A website and newsletter dealing with media relations strategies.