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Connexions Library

Communicating Effectively Through Your Newsletter
Diemer, Ulli
Some pointers about how to produce a newsletter that communicates effectively with its readers
Index of Zines - F5
Zine reviews from Factsheet 5.
Media Names & Numbers: Your Connection to the Media
Serial Publication (Periodical)
A comprehensive directory of the Canadian news media, including television and radio stations and programs, daily, weekly, ethnic and campus newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, and academic jour...
The Organizer's Manual
O.M. Collective
Practical suggestions for small-group and grassroots organizing, political self-e4ducation, mass education and communications, alternate community services, mass actions, legal and medical self-defens...
Setting up a newsletter - technical guide
A guide covering technical, design and layout issues with producing your own newsletters and publications.

Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites

Media Names and Numbers
Published by Sources, Media Names & Numbers is a comprehensive directory of the Canadian news media, including television and radio stations and programs, daily, weekly, ethnic and campus newspapers, ...
Sources HotLink, The
The Sources HotLink is a newsletter, published by Sources, featuring articles, practical ideas and tips for getting positive media coverage. The Sources HotLink is sent free to companies...
World Federalists of Canada
We view the world as one society embracing all of humanity in its diversity. We affirm that the ideals and principles of community life which are basic to civilized existence can and must be applied t...

Sources Experts & Spokespersons

Speakers Gold
Speakers Gold, the Five Star bureau, represents some of the world's top speaking talent. We take your request very seriously and match you with the right speaker within your budget. We purposely have a small roster and represent o...

Sources Library

Communicating Effectively Through Your Association Newsletter
Diemer, Ulli
An effective newsletter is one that meets your readers' needs and interests.
HotLink Resource Shelf #26
Reviews of public relations books.
Keeping current with today's newsletters
Newsletters concerned with public relations, fundraising, and speaking.

From the Connexions Archives

Creating Your Own Alternatives
Alternatives and suggestons for creating independent media.
John Labovitz's e-zine list
Labovitz, John
Extensive list describing several hundred 'zines and where to find them.
The Sources HotLink
A website and newsletter dealing with media relations strategies.