The Organizer's Manual

O.M. Collective
Publisher:  Bantam Books, New York, USA
Year Published:  1971
Pages:  368pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6691

Practical suggestions for small-group and grassroots organizing, political self-e4ducation, mass education and communications, alternate community services, mass actions, legal and medical self-defense. Strategies for organizing high schools, universities, racial groups, women, the military, labor, the professions.


Table of Contents


Part A - Principles
I. Organizing
1. Small-group Organizing
2. Grass-Roots Organizing
3. Fund raising

II. Self-Education
1. Introduction
2. Teach-ins
3. Workshops and Study Groups
4. Power Structure Research

III. Mass Education and Communication
1. Introduction: Reaching People
2. Publications
i. Leaflets
ii. Newsletters
iii. Newspapers
iv. Posters
v. Mechanics
3. Canvassing
4. Information Centers
5. Speakers' Bureaus
6. Using the Mail
7. Mobile Units
8. Coffeehouses
9. Films
10. Guerilla Theater
11. Zaps

IV. Alternative Structures
1. Introduction: Vocations for Social Change
2. Medical Clinics
3. Youth Services
i. Drug Counseling
ii. Trouble Pads
4. Storefront Learning Centers
5. Tenants' Unions
6. Organizing Economic Alternatives
7. Altering the Environment

V. Taking Action
1. Strategy and Tactics
2. Some Actions
i. Marches and Rallies
ii. Pickets
iii. Sit-Ins
iv. Student Strikes
v. Harassments
vi. Symbolic Actions
vii. Boycotts
viii. Tax Resistance

VI. Defense
1. Legal Protection
2. Medical Aid
3. Group Security and Self-Defence

VII. Using Establishment Structures
1. Cautionary Introduction
2. The Mass Media
3. Political Structures
i. Campaigns
ii. Voter Registration
iii. Letter Campaigns
iv. Referenda
v. Lobbying

Part B - Constituencies
I. High Schools
II. Universities
III. Ethnic and Racial Groups
a. Blacks
b. Mexican Americans
c. Puerto Ricans
d. American Indians

IV. Women
V. The Military
a. The Draft
b. Gis
c. Veterans

VI. Labor
VII. Professionals
a. Public-School Teachers
b. Lawyers
c. Scientists and Engineers
d. Health Professionals

VIII. Other Groups
a. Organizing Your Family
b. The Elderly
c. Welfare Recipients
d. Religious Institutions

Thoughts for a New Printing: Prisons

Subject Headings

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