Capitalism and Underdevelopment in Latin America


Capitalism and Underdevelopment in Latin America
Historical Studies of Chile and Brazil

Frank, Andre Gunder
Publisher:  Monthly Review Press
Year Published:  1969   First Published:  1967
Pages:  343pp   ISBN:  978-0-85345-093-1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8983

The four essays in this book offer a sweeping reinterpretation of Latin American history as an aspect of the world-wide spread of capitalism in its commercial and industrial phases.


Table of Contents


Preface to Revised Edition

I - Capitalist Development of Underdevelopment in Chile

A - The Thesis of Capitalist Underdevelopment
1 - The Contradiction of Expropriation/Appropriation of Economic Surplus
2 - The Contradiction of Metropolis-Satellite Polarization
3 - The Contradiction of Continuity in Change
B - The Capitalist Contradictions in Latin America and Chile
C - Colonial Capitalist Latin America
D - Sixteenth-Century Capitalism in Chile: Satellite Colonization
E - Seventeenth-Century Capitalism in Chile: "Classical" Capitalist Development
F - Eighteenth-Century Capitalism in Chile: Resatellization, Polarization and Underdevelopment
1 - International Polarization through Foreign Trade
2 - Domestic Polarization
3 - Latifundia-Minifundia Polarization
4 - Owner-Worker Polarization within Latifundia
5 - Polarization and Industrial Underdevelopment
G - Nineteenth-Century Capitalism in Chile: The Consolidation of Underdevelopment
1 - Attempts at Economic Independence and Development: Portales, Bulnes and Montt
2 - Free Trade and Structural Underdevelopment
3 - The Industrial Revolution Frustrated: Balmaceda and Nitrates
4 - The Consolidation of Underdevelopment
H - The Twentieth Century: Bitter Harvest of Underdevelopment
1 - The "External" Sector
2 - The "Domestic" Sector
I - Conclusion and Implications

II - On the "Indian Problem" in Latin America

A - The Problem
B - The History
C - The Structure
D - The Laborer
E - The Market
F - Capitalism

III - Capitalist Development of Underdevelopment in Brazil

A - The Model and Hypotheses
B - The Development of Underdevelopment
1 - Sugar and the Underdevelopment of the Northeast
2 - Britain and the Underdevelopment of Portugal
3 - Gold and the Underdevelopment of the Central Interior
4 - War and the Underdevelopment of the North
5 - Monopoly and the Underdevelopment of Industry
6 - Free Trade and the Consolidation of Underdevelopment
7 - Summary: Passive Involution and Underdevelopment
C - The Underdevelopment of Development
1 - Coffee and External Satellization
2 - Industry and Internal Polar Satellization
3 - Foreign Investment and Underdevelopment
4 - Crisis in the Metropolis and Active Involution in the Satellite
5 - Recovery in the Metropolis and Resatellization of Brazil
6 - Internal Colonialist Development and Capitalist Underdevelopment
7 - Imperialist Development and Capitalist Underdevelopment
D - Conclusion

IV - Capitalism and the Myth of Feudalism in Brazilian Agriculture

A - The Myth of Feudalism
1 - The Bourgeois Thesis
2 - The Traditional Marxist Theses
a - Feudalism Predates Capitalism
b - Feudalism Coexists with Capitalism
c - Feudalism is Penetrated by Capitalism
3 - Critique of the Myth of Feudalism
a - Comparison with Reality
b - Theory and Policy Conclusions
B - Capitalist Agriculture
1 - Capitalism and Underdevelopment
2 - The Principles of Organization
a - Subordinate Determination
b - Commercial Market Determination
c - Monopoly
3 - Determination of Agricultural Production, Organization and Welfare
a - Commercial Agriculture
b - Residual Agriculture
c - Under/Over Protection
d - Organization of Production on the Farm
e - Contradictions in Welfare
4 - Conclusion for Theory and Policy
5 - Postscript: Further Evidence
a - Monopoly Landownership
b - Fluidity in Owner-Worker Relations
c - Commercialization and Credit

V - Foreign Investment in Latin American Underdevelopment

A - The Problem
B - From Colonialism to Imperialism
1 - Colonial Primitive Exploitation and Accumulation
2 - Industrialization, Free Trade, and Underdevelopment
3 - Imperialist Expansion and Latin American Underdevelopment
C - Neo-Imperialism and Beyond
1 - Metropolitan Crisis and Latin American Development
2 - Metropolitan Expansion and Latin American Underdevelopment

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