Anarchist Communism

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The Abolition of the State: Anarchist & Marxist Perspectives
Price, Wayne
Both Anarchists and Marxists believe that it will be possible to do away with the state. But what do they mean by that? What is the state, after all? What institutions, if any, would be necessary ...
Anarchism And The Platformist Tradition
Platformism is a current within libertarian communism putting forward specific suggestions on the nature which anarchist organzation should take.
Anarchism & Socialism: Reformism or Revolution?
Price, Wayne
In these essays grouped around common themes, Wayne Price draws on decades of extensive practical experience in antiwar and student movements, marxist tendency groups and affinity-based anarchist orga...
The Anarchist Collectives: Workers' Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution 1936-1939
Dolgoff, Sam
Examines the experiments in workers' self-management, both urban and rural, which took place in Spain during the revolution and Civil War.
Anarchist communism: Connexipedia Article
"Anarchist communism" is a term used by some anarchists to describe their vision of a future society. The term, like the related terms "libertarian communism" or "libertarian socialism," has been used...
The Anarchists in the Russian Revolution: Documents of revolution
Avrich, Paul (ed.)
A selection of articles, manifestos, speeches, resolutions, letter, diaries, poems, and songs which seek to capture the spirit of the anarchist movement in Rissia.
Berkman, Alexander: Connexipedia Article
Anarchist known for his political activism and writing. (1870-1936).
Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution: Volume IV: Critique of Other Socialisms
Draper, Hal
Much of Karl Marx's most important work came out of his critique of other thinkers, including many socialists who differed significantly in their conceptions of socialism. Draper looks at these critiq...
Left-libertarianism: Connexipedia Article
A doctrine that has a strong commitment to personal liberty and egalitarianism.
Libertarian Socialism: Connexipedia Article
A socialist political orientation which promote a non-hierarchical, non-bureaucratic, stateless society without private property in the means of production. Libertarian socialism is opposed to coerciv...
Libertarian Socialism: Politics in Black and Red
Prichard, Alex; Kinna, Ruth; Pinta, Saku; Berry, David (eds.)
Explores the important, too often neglected left-libertarian currents that have thrived in revolutionary socialist movements. By turns, the collection interrogates the theoretical boundaries between M...
Manifesto of the Makhnovists
Makhno, Nestor
We must win - win not so that we may follow the example of past years and hand over our fate to some new master, but to take it in our own hands and conduct our lives according to our own will and our...
Marx, theoretician of anarchism
Rubel, Maximilien
Under the name communism, Marx developed a theory of anarchism; and further, in fact it was he who was the first to provide a rational basis for the anarchist utopia and to put forward a project for a...
Marxism & Anarchism: Documents in the Marxists Internet Archive
Resources on the theory and practice of anarchism and the unity and conflict between Marxists and Anarchists over the past 150 years.
Notes from a Revolution Dying: Against The Current vol. 134
Pirani, Simon
In June 1922, five years on from the Russian Revolution, a group of Moscow communists gathered to discuss a letter by Vladimir Petrzhek, an auto worker, tendering his resignation from the communist (o...
Review: International Socialist Review on "Contemporary Anarchism"
Wetzel, Tom
The word "anarchism" is a rather vague word that covers such a wide variety of political views and approaches it is often hard to see how they have anything in common. This means it is also probably n...
Social Anarchism: Connexipedia Article
Social anarchism sees individual freedom as conceptually connected with social equality and emphasize community and mutual aid.
Social Anarchism, Individualist Anarchism, the State and Leninism: A Reply to the International Socialist Organization
Wetzel, Tom
I take it that social or Left-anarchism and libertarian socialism are the same thing. Both stand opposed to Leninism, and both stand opposed to individualist anarchism.
Socialist anarchism: Connexipedia Article
Social anarchism sees "individual freedom as conceptually connected with social equality and emphasize community and mutual aid
Vanguard: A Libertarian Communist Journal: Connexipedia Article
A monthly libertarian communist journal published in New York from 1932-1939.
William Godwin: A Biographical Study
Woodcock, George
A biography of the influential writer and thinker described by Woodcock as the first prophet of libertarian socialism.

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